19 Jan 2022

PRODUCT RECALL: „Mackerel fillets in olive oil“ 105 g, LOT L12/03/20 V4

In the can of Adriatic Queen, “Mackerel fillets in olive oil” and 105 g, LOT L12 / 03/20 V4 there is a possibility of the appearance of struvite crystals.

12 Oct 2015

New Marketing Campaign

Sardina launched a new marketing campaign for its leading and most successful brand – Adriatic Queen.

7 Nov 2014

Sardina wins Golden Interstas 2014.

Sardina won the award Golden Interstas at the 21st festival […]

5 Jul 2014

Sardina receives Halal certification

At a ceremony organised in the company’s headquarters in Postira […]

7 May 2014

Sardina receives BRC and IFS certificates

Sardina d.o.o. now holds certificates of conformity with the standards […]

28 Nov 2013

Adriatic Queen presented

Sardina has presented its new brand – Adriatic Queen, which […]

27 Nov 2013

Donations awarded

On Wednesday, November 27, in the new production plant of […]

14 Nov 2013

Filming of a TV commercial

Preparations for a promotional campaign for a new Sardina brand, […]

30 Aug 2013

New Sardina production plant opened in Postire

On Friday, 30 August 2013, Sardina’s new production plant, one […]

26 Aug 2013

New factory ready to begin production

Everything is ready for the beginning of operations of the […]