PRODUCT RECALL: „Mackerel fillets in olive oil“ 105 g, LOT L12/03/20 V4

PRODUCT RECALL: In the can of Adriatic Queen, “Mackerel fillets in olive oil” and 105 g, LOT L12 / 03/20 V4 there is a possibility of the appearance of struvite crystals.

Struvit is a natural crystal that is harmless, although at first glance they resemble glass. Struvite is formed by the union of natural, normal constituents of the meat of all seafoods after they are sterilized in the can. The occurrence of such crystals of a size large enough to be noticeable is a relatively rare event. These crystals are soluble in weak acids, and therefore will dissolve readily in the stomach; they are assimilated by the body as easily as the mineral matter of any food. However, the possibility of mechanical damage to the oral cavity and upper digestive organs is not excluded.

Therefore, we ask our consumers to check their home stocks and return Adriatic Queen products, “Mackerel fillets in olive oil”, 105 g, LOT L12 / 03/20 V4.