Did you know

  • that our products do not contain preservatives
  • that technological processes for preserving food completely retain the nutritional values of fish
  • that OMEGA-3 is the cheapest way to prevent a heart attack and the one of the major medical innovations in the last two decades
  • that one can of fish provides 50 % of the recommended dietary amount (RDA) of protein, 10% of the total daily requirements for iron, 40% of the total daily requirements for calcium, and 20% of the total daily requirements for vitamin D
  • that fish meat is structurally a dietary food
  • that fish meat consumption is recommended for people living and working in stressful environments, small children and pregnant women
  • that our products last virtually forever


There is a possibility of the appearance of natural struvite crystals in cans, which are harmless, although at first glance they resemble glass. Struvite is formed by the union of natural, normal constituents of the meat of all seafoods after they are sterilized in the can. The occurrence of such crystals of a size large enough to be noticeable is a relatively rare event. These crystals are soluble in weak acids, and therefore will dissolve readily in the stomach; they are assimilated by the body as easily as the mineral matter of any food. However, the possibility of mechanical damage to the oral cavity and upper digestive organs is not excluded.

Canned fish

Standard product line

  • Sardines in vegetable oil
  • Sardines in vegetable oil with lemon
  • Sardines in vegetable oil with chili peppers
  • Sardines in tomato sauce
  • Sardines with vegetables
  • Sardines in olive oil
  • Sardines in spring water (the product is exported only to the Canadian market)
  • Tuna filets in olive oil
  • Tuna filets in vegetable oil
  • Tuna filets in brine
  • Hake à la cod
  • Mackerel filets in vegetable oil
  • Mackerel filets in olive oil
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Freshly frozen fish

Our range of products now includes whole or dressed freshly frozen fish (sardines, anchovies), offering you a nutritious and delicious meal available at any time. Careful selection of the fish and its timely preservation by freezing keeps its nutritional properties. The fish is fileted, which makes its preparation simple and fast.

Fresh fish

Sardina breeds white fish, sea bass and sea bream in the natural and controlled conditions of the Adriatic Sea and packages it to preserve its freshness. Extremely appreciated, tasty and easy to digest, this white fish is an ideal component of a healthy, balanced diet.

Fish pâtés

  • Tuna pâté (95g)
  • Sardine pâté (95g)
  • Sea bass and sea bream pâté with truffles (95g)
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Fish meal and fish oil

An annual production of 500 tonnes of fish meal and 100 tonnes of fish oil rounds up the process of fish processing and allows for full utilization of the fish entering the facility. Fish meal and fish oil are rich in proteins and well suited for use in the production of animal feed.