Environmental protection

During construction of the new factory, great attention was given to environmental protection and energy efficiency. Significant energy savings, with the reduced emission of gases and creation of hazardous waste was achieved in the manufacturing process. For example, the company uses CO2 in its freezing process instead of Freon, which is detrimental to the ozone, and toxic ammonium, which provides energy savings of up to 15%. Defrosting fish in only 15 minutes also provides additional energy savings.

The Introduction of the most advanced fishmeal and fish oil production lines has completed the fish processing cycle and enabled full utilization of fish entering the facility without creating potentially hazardous waste. The production line and heating of the entire facility is fueled by biomass (wood pellets and chips) with neutral CO2 emissions, which means there are virtually no hazardous effects on the environment.

The new factory is connected to the waste water system of the Ratac Industrial Zone, which is connected to the existing public sewage system of Postira and terminated in the central gravitational collector grid with a mechanical wastewater treatment plant, after which the effluent is discharged into the sea. To protect the environment, separators for technological and storm waters have been installed. They prevent contact between the environment and unpleasant odors. Separator capacity is greater than the maximum amount of wastewater that may appear during the technological process. The technological processes themselves are carried out in areas that prevent any uncontrolled contamination of the soil within the facility and its surrounding area. The floor structure in the facility prevents soil contamination by harmful substances, with special attention being given to maximum waterproofing of all surfaces to minimize the possibility of soil and ground water contamination. In addition, waste is being sorted in front of the facility and transported by an authorized utility company.